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no dog should ever be homeless

no home should ever be dogless

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shoutout to the friends that still like me

all two of you

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 Anonymous asked:
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5) Your worst friend

I don’t have worse friends, because friends can’t be worse. Then I woudn’t say (s)he is a friend of mine.

32) your likes

Creative things: drawing, crafting, photographing, … 

And taking care of my pets :) 

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“Go for someone who is proud to have you.”
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“Self love is not selfish. You deserve to be loved by you.”
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“In a relationship, you need somebody who’s going to call you out, not somebody who’s going to let everything slide. You need somebody who doesn’t want to live without you, but can. Not somebody that is dependent, but somebody who is stronger with you. A relationship is two people, not one.”

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this is for real, very important stuff right here

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make me choose » anonymous asked: vampire katherine, elena or caroline

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how dare u ignore me after ive made 0 attempts at talking to u

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Jeff Bartlett
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“Every minute you are angry you lose 60 seconds of happiness.”
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Tell us something about: 1. Your romantic interests
2. Your past relationship
3. Your current relationship
4. Your best friend
5. Your worst friend
6. Your parents
7. Your siblings
8. Your pets
9. Your dreams
10. Your day dreams
11. Your sleeping patterns
12. Your eating habits
13. Your hobbies
14. Your hopes
15. Your fears
16. Your confidence
17. Your anxieties
18. Your greatest adventure
19. Your worst mistake
20. Your emotions
21. Your thoughts
22. Your physical ills
23. Your eyes
24. Your ears
25. Your taste
26. Your bad habits
27. Your good habits
28. Your music
29. Your writing
30. Your philosphies
31. Your sexuality
32. Your likes
33. Your dislikes
35. Your fetishes
36. Your turn-offs
37. Your first sexual experience
38. Your last sexual experience
39. Your fantasties
40. Your favourite games
41. Your favourite books
42. Your favourite play
43. Your personality
44. Your quirks
45. Your sameness
46. Your depression
47. Your happiness
48. Your role model/inspiration
49. Your flexibility
50. Your clothes

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Cockadoodledoo….. (by Grandpops Woodlice)


Cockadoodledoo….. (by Grandpops Woodlice)

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